Just broke up for good, but how can I let him know....?

All right, Here's the story;

I caught my ex cheating on me and I broke up with him and he's really sad. I told him I felt bad and he asked why I wouldn't take him back and the reason is in the 0ne day we broke up I got engaged. I didn't tell him this cause he hates the guy I'm with and I thought it would hurt him more. Should I tell him I'm engaged?

And how can I make him understand I wasn't right for him and He'll find another girl. I've told him this straight out but he doesn't get it.

ok and what happened was I got engaged to this guy I used to date before I dated my most recent ex. I realized I was still in love and I got engaged the day after we broke up


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  • Is this the way to deal with a cheater?

    He cheated on you. It was breach of trust. He revealed his true character in the worst possible way.

    And, you are worried about how he will feel? You are trying to make him understand? What are you, Mother Teresa?

    Let him handle his own issues.


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  • I agree with sumina7. its funny that you'r trying to make him understand.

    hes a CHEATER.


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  • He cheated on you, he did something he knew would hurt you which shows he dosen't have much respect for you. Just live your life and don't be so worried about him finding out and being hurt because he didn't put that much thought into hurting you.

  • Um what I'm confused about is...did you get engaged THE DAY you guys broke up? and if you did were you cheating on him aswell? and if you wernt how come you got engaged so soon?