Does anyone else feel this way?

I don't see myself getting married. Some women have getting married as something on their priority list but it's not one of my priorities and relationships are not either.

If they happy that is fine but I don't think I should waste my time looking for the one when I have had issues with disrespectful men in the past.

I prefer to work on my financial situation and treat myself go places

I think many people use this as an excuse to why they do not want to get married but the truth is married people do do this but I don't see it as an excuse I'm not making any excuses I just do not see myself doing that and it is not my priority

I meant to say
*if they happen it's fine
I was proposed to twice in my entire life so if I wanted to get married I think I would be married by now


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  • That's cool, but at your age you can't really make the decision that you'll never want to get married or have a relationship because odds are that will change. Just keep your options (and your mind) open.

    Also, there are plenty of good men out there. Don't make such an important decision based on your experience with only a few of them. Most women who do that end up alone and lonely in their 30s wishing they had done things differently. Just sayin.

    • What does age have to do with love? I've seen plenty of people who are younger than me go get married and fall in love

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    • Well it's good you're showing your lack of maturity here so everyone can take your question in appropriate context. LOL

      Bye little girl.

    • Actually you are the one who is immature you cursed at me for no reason and got angry for no reason
      Obviously your love life is not working out well and something in my question triggered it

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  • My daughter is almost 10 and her mom and I have been together for over 10 years. Im not married to her yet, as a matter of fact, she doesn't question it either. Our invisible bond is stronger than a diamond ring.

    Happiness isn't just about finding somebody and love them. Love isn't the only thing in the world that makes you happy.

  • I also feel fine being single. though I've had girlfriends in the past I'm not really looking. I never want children and think I can be more financially secure by myself.

    It sucks that there are so many mean people why they bother get in relationships is beyond me.
    You should watch Clerks 2 I think it is. the movie talks a little about people who think they have to get married and have children sometimes even if they don't want to.

  • OK, whatever you like miss.

    I like being married. If I was not, I'd work towards a committed relationship with marriage as the goal.

  • Sounds normal.


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  • I'm not dying to get married either. It might be cause i'm young though. But I like weddings and there are financial benefits to being married, like healthcare and stuff like that so I will get married

  • That's fine. You're not the first and you won't be the last. Different people are cut out for different things. I used to feel the same way, but then I met the one I'm going to marry. It was like I woke up one day thinking "when we're married". Whether you end up like me or not, don't worry about it, your purpose in life might have nothing to do with marriage, and that's ok. (Even though your family might write you off as strange or a recluse (mine did lol) they'll get over it) :)

    • Just keep an open mind and you'll be good.

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    • I was proposed to twice in my life
      So if I really wanted to get married I think I would be married by now

    • Hey I didn't dream of it, wait for it, or even want it. I don't view myself as a recluse, I said my family did. Your question was if there was anything wrong with it, and I said there isn't. Different people are meant for different things was my point. I never said anything about your attractiveness, how you view yourself, or want you wanted. I was simply recounting my own experiences.

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