What's marriage life like if.. ?

If you fell in love with a girl and then nothing happened between you two , but few years later you love another girl and marry her , so how is it like if the first girl came back and suddenly she is in your life again? and you know at the back of your mind that she was the one. I don't want to complicate it more by adding children to the mix. What is it like? what do you do? please give it a thought first.

This is hypothetical , I'm still 21.


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  • you wouldn't have married the second if the first reall was the "one" and you wouldn't have moved on so easily just because nothing happened

    you're like most men, afraid of committing to one person and just want more options

    • NO. It never happened to me , but it is going to in the long future if I keep what I'm doing now , that's why I asked. Maybe I dream too much thinking like that but I don't see a successful relationship without marriage and that's why I asked what's marriage life like...
      maybe I should've put (this is a hypothetical question, sorry).

    • oh sorry i misunderstood

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  • It's garbage. There is no "one". Kick the old one out of your life again.

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