Does this sound like commitment phobia to anyone?

Ok, so if a girl is engaged to a guy, (she's 25 and he's 25 and he keeps moving the wedding date or "possible wedding date" later and later and it gets to where it's been three years and the two are still engaged?

there's another girl who this guy knows used to have a crush on him when she was quite young, but he's never said he liked her back though he shows all the signs of it now she's 17 and will be 18 in a few months, but completely denies it.

He's friends with this "other girl's" family and will be around them as much as he can only he tries to go around there without bringing his fiance there.

she asked him to hang out once, and he said "i just don't have the time to hangout with little kids.

this is all so confusing I know, but please let me know if this sounds that way thank you.

Btw I might have written that wrong, but what I meant is that for some reason, he doesn't want to go there without bringing his fiance with him, and he never wants to spend time alone with the other girl. (Always has to have someone else around).


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  • Still that sounds fishy. He could be trying too hard to cover up what's going on when no one is around?

    • Well its so difficult because I'm also friends with that family, with the girl's older sister to be exact, and I would think that if she still liked him, or was with him, wouldt they be trying to start problems with me since I'm still with him?

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  • If you didn't have any suspicions you wouldn't be asking the question. Have a straight forward talk with him why he keeps moving the wedding forward. Some guys have a "perfect wedding" fantasy as much as girls do.

  • He obviously hasn't gotten over his first crush.

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