When you are married, did you see any betrayal?

When you are married , did you see any betrayal


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  • i'm not married but when my married colleagues tell me about being betrayed by their husbands it makes me don't wanna get married


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  • About one in 3 men will be betrayed at some time by their wife.
    Slightly more men will betray their wife at some time (but they generally do it less times than a woman does).

    Women are not normally unfaithful until about 5 years into the marriage.
    Men are not normally unfaithful until 10 years into the marriage.

    • I've known it to happen enough times, and I've known cases of men who supported children who weren't their own (the wife jut didn't tell them that another man was the father).
      They say one in 4 children in this country are calling the wrong man "daddy".