Um I'm clueless here...very confused!

k so I went to school and this girl she dressed somewhat slutty. low cut top, short shorts tons and tons of makeup but she didn't act like it what-so-ever like the guys were like damn have sex with me now girl and she said she didn't believe in sex before marriage but whatever. well I was at school talking to a group of guys about 4 of them wearing a t-shirt from school that I bought there and it was just a t-shirt. I had on jeans too and she came up to me and called me a slut. I was shocked because even tho I've had sex before I don't dress like her I was just talking and casually flirting with some guys...nothing serious at all mostly talking about schedules but the occasional I wish you were in my class sort of thing. is that strange that SHE of all people called ME that? thanks for the help, all my love...tina<33


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  • She was flat out jealous. She's a kind of girl who wants all the attention from the guys all the time and she probably isn't secure or comfortable alone or with herself at all. Personally, I wouldn't believe the no sex before marriage thing from somebody like her. Don't feel discouraged, you are the better woman here.


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