Future marriage with religious and baby issues?

My partner and I are both Muslims but we are different types of Muslims. He just told me that if we ever do have a child that his mother would want the baby to go to his side of religious beliefs. Which I am not fine with, the child is a part of me and I am the one who will be carrying him for almost a year.

She had all her babies, she did make all the decisions for them then why not let me do the same for mine? I have dreams for my children and I feel like all that will be taken away from me. Every mother wants to have a say on their child's future but I feel like that will be taken away from me. And I don't believe that my partner will stand up for me. He says he doesn't mind all that but he can't do anything about it. What am I suppose to do?


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  • This is exactly what's wrong with religion.
    Just go with his and his mother's beliefs and avoid the unnecessary conflict. You can then tell your child what you believe while they're not around. I mean what difference does it really make in the grand scheme of things.

    • It kind of does, because our child will be attending their mosque daily and will be learning everything about their religion. And it's not something once a week or anything, it's a every day thing that will be affecting his life and his belief. And if his mother has that much problems then I feel like I won't even have any say on any thing, like even his marriage. Because I know even after marriage, I'll still be living with his mother for sure. And I do feel like she will have a control over my child's life.

    • As long as his mother's beliefs aren't extremist, then I wouldn't worry. Just keep your child out of harms way. If that means swaying him more towards your way of Islam then that is what you must do.

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  • Try talking to your husband and his mother. Ask Allah for help (I'm a Muslim too).


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  • his mother is his mother, she really has no say other then swaying the husband.

    • But the problem is when I'll get married to him, I'll be living with his mother as well. Because that's what his mother wants and I am fine with that. I honestly am fine with that because I know she went through a lot of problems but I don't want her to have a full control over my own child.

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