My brother told me that he had a dream about me?

My brother told me that he had a dream that me and this other guy had kids and got married. The guy my brother said got me pregnant was the guy that I have asked questions about. I didn't really believe him but I think that its just weird that he would say something like that.


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  • So, what exactly you wanna ask?

    • Just like what did he mean when e said it.

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    • Okay what I really meant is why on earth would he have a dream like that about me? The only person I have ever dreamed about getting pregnant was myself and my mom.

    • He had a dream like that because it isn't under his control. Dreams are products of unconscious processing. Yeah, he must be thinking about you and the other guy sometime or he has doubt if you got a connection with him. Whatever, why the hell do you even care what your brother dreams about.

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