How important is it to you, that you be married to the mother/father of your child?

Do you feel any importance on being married to the person you have a child with? Or do you feel that marriage is an outdated concept?

  • It is extremely important to be married to the person I have a child with.
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  • It would be nice to be married to the them, but not crucial.
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  • It doesn't matter to me at all if I end up married to the person I have a child with.
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  • I am against marriage even if we have a kid together.
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  • Other. Leave a comment.
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  • if the guy is not willing to marry me and i'm pregnant my gosh my family especially my parents will have a volcanic reaction and even if my excuse would be it's me who does not want to get married i will be scold to death so to be safe i voted A. they would also have the same reaction if my marriage would be broken. i want a peaceful life as much as possible lol.


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  • Although it is something I extremely believe in i was in a situation where the father was an absolute ahole of a man and i kicked him to the curb and although my kids still need him in their life i dont need him in mine and was the best decision ever. But if I meet someone and he wants children i would want it to be in wedlock i think it is important that the child you bring into the world is brought up to see the commitment between their parents and that its something that is worked on and not just thrown away for the nxt person that catches your eye.

  • It's a preference, but if I was in a long relationship with someone and we both decided to keep the child should I fall up the spout, I wouldn't have a shotgun wedding.

  • Vote A, extremely important since he is the father of the child he has to be responsible.

  • Perhaps its due to my parents not being married and still being together for 32 years, but I don't place a huge amount of significance on marriage.

  • I've always wanted to get married before having children :) But it isn't that important really

    • You should care. Single moms make $24k a year and married is $81k a year. A big difference when trying to raise a child. Also, you would have help in raising the child. Alone is hard. Getting married to someone else when you already have a kid is also hard. It has also been said that a child without a father figure is on an express train to prision due to the long standing statistics. So good lick with that.

    • So if I don't get married to the man he will leave me when we have children? haha don't worry, my boyfriend isn't that kind of "man". Also I'm going to law school, so what makes you think that I'm dependent on a man's economy? I was raised without a father and it was the best choice my mother has ever made. Statistics doesn't apply to everyone so don't you worry about me. If I ever get married I'm not doing it for security, I'm doing it for love :)

  • Extremely important, not even negotiable !

  • Well I don't want kids or marriage
    But it's important to a lot of people


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