Do I still love him?

I got married a little over 2 years ago. I love my husband, he is a great guy with a lot of heart, but I am not sure I love him. We have a son, and I think maybe that is the only reason I stay with him.
He treats me like a child, like I see him as a father figure who doesn't want to have any fun. I am emotionally stable and he is the complete opposite. He has also left our son and me a few times in the past. I dont think he would do it again... but it's me I am worried about now.
I also went out with a few friends and had the best night dancing with this one other guy. I wouldn't take it any further (i dont think) but I am just not sure how I feel about anything. I am so bored with this relationship. What should I do?


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  • How long have you been in any form of relationship with your husband?

    • Well we were friends for two year and married a little over two years.

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    • I am sorry. Yes, we were friends for like a year and half, dated for about half a year, and have been married for about 2 years. We also had a child just before be got married. I really don't like this feeling I am having.

    • There it is. Your love period ran out. Humans have about 2 years from the beginning of their actual dating relationships before the brain chemicals wear off and they tire of one another. Combined with other factors you may just no longer love him and find your life boring thus the joy of adventure seeking with other partners.

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