Would you wait on a guy for 3-4 years to get out of prison that you married after being incarcerated and have not consummated the marriage?

He has been very possessive and controlling while in prison. He constantly calls you and has his mother keep an eye on you. Also, you have not been faithful and have been seeing the same guy for 3 years?


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  • So you haven't slept with him yet you're married, he got sent down and he gets his Mom to check on you AND you're having a relationship with another man? This is total ridiculousness. That's a homicide waiting to happen.

    No is my answer, I'd tell him and his mother to do one.

  • Is this a serious question? I wish a motherfucker would try to be controlling and possessive after ruining our lives and being convicted as a prisoner. I'm so not the one for that shit. I don't cheat on my partners. If I'm with someone else, its over with the other person. Although I would just tell him I'm no longer "with him" regardless of what drama he gives on divorce papers. Consummation makes no difference. I don't believe in that.


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