Men: What are your wife's responsibilities?

Do you expect your wife to take on household chores, take care of the children, and have a full time job? Is there a certain role you expect your wife to be put in? Questions and concerns from someone that might have a ring on her finger soon.


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  • My wife works part time. She cleans, does laundry, and the bills. I work full time, cook, and do yard work. I'll clean on occasion as well. We both share responsibility for the children.

    • So you both take turns getting them to school or helping with homework? His boys are young...5 and 6.

    • She gets them to and from school, I have to be at work by 7. But I do at least half of the homework, and most of their extracurricular activities.

    • Wow, alright thank you so much!!

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  • I do not expect anything of my partners.

  • I expect her to contribute.

    In our case she's at home. I help with breakfast then head to work. On the weekends I do over half the cooking.

  • Responsibilities? None! Really if there is laundry to be done we do it. Take this morning for instance, before she went to work she told me she'd put on a load. It just finished so I hung It up for drying. She's getting of work late so I am going food shopping in a bit and I'll cook dinner too. I cook dinner most the time because I like to cook not because I have to , and because she likes my food. She loves to tidy up and make the house cozy but that's her thing so I let her do that; but of cause I'll light up a few candles if she asks me to. We simply take on chores based on what makes more sense in that given time. If I'm off late It makes no sense that I have to do stuff after work and vise versa. This dynamic is what makes sense anything else would be strange.

    If you work all day and your man is at home it only make sense that he do household chores, why should you be bothered when you are at work all day... And vise versa.

    • What if both of you work the same amount of hours just different days? Something like that.

    • If we both work the same amount of hours then we plan it out ie. Tomorrow we are both off late OK I'll go food shopping for both days, you do this and this cool? Cool! But sometimes it just doesn't work out quite like that and we have to just let them be until we got time. But really it takes 5 minutes to put on some laundry so there will always be an opportunity to do so. If its been a rough week we'll push the chores till the weekend or until someone got the time. Or we will do them split each chore up in smaller parts ie. Clean windows. I'll clean one window a day for a week and its done. Takes like 10 min per window. Just as an example. Works for cleaning too ie. The point is, there is always stuff to do and we are both busy most of the week. So we have to communicate, be reasonable and take responsibility. Then when we have the time together we give it an overhaul

  • My first basic requirement i would like to see is her understanding nature and mature.
    I would help her in household chores too.
    Yeah i would love a wife who can cook for sure and of course she must cook with love without considering it as a burden.
    Other responsibilities can be shared with mutual understanding.
    No problem if she chooses to remain a housewife. She can have a part time job too.

  • My wife was a full time mom and housewife. The kids are grown and as of recently she takes care of me, the cats and dogs and the kids when they are home from college.

    • So she didn't work?

    • No, she hasn't worked (for a paycheck anyway, she is working to care for our family) in a very long time. We breakdown our workload along traditional lines and it has worked well when we got married she made it clear that she wanted it that way as she grew up as a latch key kids and wanted her kids to have a full time mom. I just worked harder and smarter to make up the difference.

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