Why men in other countries rush to marry American women?

Is it for the citizenship? I have been hearing about a lot of that. I have been talking to a guy in Nigeria for 3 weeks and he is already saying he is in love with me and wants to get married. It just doesn't feel right he is forcing the topic. I also talk to Spanish men in Mexico and they are asking do I plan on getting married soon. I had a co worker from America she met this guy online in India. They married within months he stayed for a few years and as soon as he became an American citizen. He filed for divorce and moved on. She was devastated and said during the marriage he barely wanted to have sex with her and didn't want kids. Now she has to start over again she say during the divorce he was an A$$hole, ignoring her calls and just doggin her like he didn't know her.
I want a man to marry but I don't want this to happen to me once they get legal. What are your feelings on this. Heard anything about it.


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  • It's all about the green card. You're just the contact!


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  • unfortunately its all about green card. sorry.

  • lol, it's be a sham, get them to spend a load of money to come to america and then don't show up at the airport! hahaha


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