What's the point of marriage these days?

I've been watching Say Yes to the Dress all day today, mostly because I'm visiting my family for Christmas break so i've been passing time with mind numbing television.

It made me wonder.. What's the point of marriage? I feel like it was used as a status thing back in the day, for money and family reasons, etc. We live in such a modern society, where things are more casual and stuff. I thought I wanted to get married, but now I don't see the point. It's probably stressful and boring after a while. Some girl in my class (who is married) was telling me that she doesn't even know why people get married. Clearly, you love the person and you want them forever.. but why not date forever? Or make that promise together without the "marriage" label?

What do you think?

I don't really want to get married. ever.


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  • Or maybe don't make promises of being with that person forever. My parents' marriage suck and I could tell they don't even love each other anyways. If that's how marriage is going to be like; talking to him as a friendly roommate type relationship then I would be wasting my time.
    I'd rather have a normal relationship where there is no guarantee that I'm gonna end up being forever with him. I don't like promising if in the end there is a 50% that it might not happen. Overall, I don't care about marriage.


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  • To others, it is a formal declaration of your commitment to each other.
    Most people do not see a relationship as a stable foundation unless you are married.
    Having children outside of marriage - even though it has become more common today - is still largely frowned upon by most people and employers.

    For example, if someone told you they had 5 kids, but they never married, what would you think?
    Would you think they're in a stable, committed, long-term relationship. I certainly would not - and I don't really care to listen to your life story. If I was your boss, my first thought would be "you're irresponsible". That's the reality of it, and it will affect your life in more ways than you know.

    However, the decision to value marriage is up to you. If you don't care for marriage, then I don't really see why you're asking this question in the first place. There are many things I don't care about - and I don't spend a second thinking about them.

    You say you don't get, and don't care for marriage, yet you keep contemplating about it.
    I think you actually know very well what the meaning of marriage is, but you simply do not want to commit yourself to any single person publicly.

  • Today marriage is more like a business decision. For some people who are on assistance and working to try and make it work. They are in a relationship with someone who has a career and together they still struggle then why would they want to get married since the financial situation would change. They could go though with everything like the proposal and such but not the legal part like the wedding ceremony and marriage license.

  • To have the exclusive right to someone's body for sex and the tax benefits.


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  • Tax breaks, insurance coverage, pension and postmortem benefits.

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