Are you in favor of allowing same sex marriages?

In a 7-2 decision the US Supreme court ruled to allow same sex marriages, with only Scalia & Thomas as dissenters.
How would you vote?

  • I vote yes to allow same sex marriages.
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  • I vote no to not allow same sex marriages.
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  • I'm undecided.
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  • I think the individual states should decide.
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  • Absolutely yes, I am.

    • As for Scalia and Thomas... well, I sort of hope they decide to retire soon.

    • Just to elaborate -- some of the longest-lasting, most loving couples I've known happened to be gay. I see no reason whatsoever as to why they should not be able to marry.

    • I totally agree.

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What Guys Said 7

  • I voted undecided as to say I'm indifferent. I really don't care either way.

  • I think the government has no business regulating marriage. But ultimately the state's should decide

    • Marriages are legal proceedings.
      They exist in modern countries for protection of property and offspring.
      Marriages incur responsibilities in most people.
      As a sacrament, it's a failure.
      Legally it does offer some protection for children.
      Not enough though.
      If things were my way, forget about the marriage, but require at least 6 semester hours of documented training in order to be licensed to have children.
      chew on that one for awhile.

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    • @jacquesvol - yup , and when enough people leave to hurt the state economically, they may change

    • That would infringe on your own constitutional rights.

  • I am not morally fund of homosexuality, but it's not the government business to regulating peoples morals, so I'll vote yes.

    It a civil right and the government, being central or local, should not have any say in it.

  • If it's nothing more than a religious ceremony, I do not mind if they get married.

    If it's a civil union where they're going to pay less taxes then get a big fat tax refund paid for by single people such as myself, no, fuck that.

    I don't care what gay people do in their own homes. But I don't believe they are entitled to my money.

    • Wouldn't that apply to married people in general?

      Blame government policies that advantage marriage, I suppose.

    • @Kythe Yeah I'm already pissed because straight people who don't even work or pay taxes get big fat five thousand dollar tax refunds just for having kids. Gay marriage is not about love or their right to be gay. If they want to hire a voodoo priest to marry them the government cannot stop them, there is no law AGAINST gay marriage, and there never will be. They're just after those tax paid benefits.

    • And churches paying no taxes, heteros and billionaires getting a big fat tax refund paid for by single people such as you is OK?
      It's when they happen to be gay that you draw the line?

  • Same sex marriage should be legal in the states because it doesn't infringe on anyone else's rights so why the hell not.

    • The point of giving married couples a tax break is to encourage them to stay together and raise their children in a stable home with a mother and a father.

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    • I've been married nearly 18 years. And I have no special attachment to that tax break. Of course, we don't have kids - only cats :)

    • And for the record: same-sex couples can raise kids, too. The "with a mother and a father" thing is a religious view, not a practical or child-centered one.

  • Who someone chooses to marry has no effect on my life at all.

  • Yes why not? I dont see why not


What Girls Said 6

  • vote A. this topic needs to be... put to rest already. there are other issues that are being ignored.

    • In spite of your O, this is a very important issue to many Americans.
      Thousand have fled Cuba, and live here now.
      Normalizing is a virtual new concept, brought on by efforts of caring mankind such as Pope Frances.
      Even I as an atheist applaud that.

    • Ooops!
      Wrong post.
      I still think it's very important.

  • i vote A... yes i do!

  • I honestly don't give a shit.

  • Undecided coz I am neutral.

  • I vote yes... people should marry who they want... you can't help who you fall in love with

  • can't say anything... coz I am straight.. :)

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