I dont see myself getting married at all?

Okay im 24 and i can't picture myself gettibg married,

Never had a bf nor ever been kissed... Still a Virgin aswell... and i feel il Never have m'y kiss or experiance sex ever :(

There were alway things in life i knew would happen and would not happen at all... and seeing ly self gettibg married doesn't picture in my head...

I lovee sex and i would love to have a partner and children... i always get This gut feeling like it isn't gonna happen couse i won't live a long life... is This normal or us my gut right?


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  • You're a kid. What you see and don't see is meaningless.


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  • Any girl can get sex any time she wants... so it's not just sex you want.

  • What did you mean by you won't live a long life?

    Either way I'm the same as you except I'm 21. I would have no issue with dating a girl who hadn't been kissed yet. Some people just start dating later.


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  • Well I've had boyfriends. I'm not a virgin, but right now I wouldn't want to get married either. I was engaged once. The relationship ended in the worst way possible. He passed away. Now I'm dating years later and my views on it have changed significantly.

  • What? Why won't you live a long life?

    • Coz i dont ses myself living long

    • Umm, hun? That's a really crazy thing to say.
      You're 24 you're young and beautiful go out and enjoy your life stop being so down. He happy and guys will notice you and want you no body wants to be with a downer.

    • Okay il keep in mind what you told me nd thank you for your option..

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