Is it important or not?

i am a virgin and i want a virgin girl,
will you accept a virgin man/woman.

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and pleas put your reason for why


Most Helpful Girl

  • I use to fill that way then im like dont be like that because there are so many great people out here u would be missing out on someone who might actually care about u worrying about weather or not there a virgin or are one im a virgin still and im proud of it because i saved myself from getting hurt because ik how hurt i would feel not being with the person who generally cares about me and shows it so the best advice i could give u is wait until someone proves to u there not just like everyone else there different and have a lot of self respect for themselves there's people who have had sex who have self respect those are the people worth considering losing it to because from there u know they aren't out messing with a lot of people


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What Girls Said 3

  • Ok... I'll explain it as best as I can. Would you rather a new, freshly cut, untouched piece of cake, or a piece of cake that has had 10 bites taken out of it (or 10 dicks shoved into it if you prefer that analogy). When it comes to marriage potential, fewer sex partners is more.

    • hey, what you mean.
      i am waiting for a life long virgin woman.

  • I wouldn't judge the guy I like by how many times he had sex.

    • i am not asking you to judge some won to know that how people are thinking

    • It means I couldn't care less if he was a virgin or not. It's not what matters in a relationship.

    • tanks for sharing your opinion

  • It's important to me


What Guys Said 2

  • It's important or something.

  • No, it doesn't matter to me, everybodyhas a past

    • i think no all the people haven't a past like that

    • will you tell me why

    • I know everybody doesn't have a past like that and I am one of them... but just because I don't have any past I can't deny other person right to have one... hope I have made my point now