Do you know cousin marriage as a negative thing? who put this bullshit into society's mind?

Do you know cousin marriage as a negative thing?

Who put this idea "cousin marriage is bad" and made it look like incest? cousin marriage was relevant inside every single society from the dawn of time. while incest, sexual activity with sister or mother was prohibited nearly in every society.

Who put this bullshit into many people's minds?


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  • I know exactly what you mean. Even though it's legal in places like Canada and much of the UK/Britain, it's still such a taboo subject.

    I try to be open about the idea and would hope most people are okay with 2nd cousins and further.

    • It's just that in every society it was relevant and also never considered incest. Incest prohibition is a natural feeling in humans it was never a feeling towards cousins. the society can be informed about the chances of defect of 'any' form of marriages, but making it morally negative and taboo is just plain bullshit.

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    • exactly.

    • In Hungary, it is illegal to marry a first or second cousin. Only third and further is legal.

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  • The people who realized that inbreeding goes beyond the first generation?

    • Bullshit. like always. Inbreeding bullshit began in the 20th century with your new Multiracial bullshit.

      Today's society has the highest rate of disorders and defects of any form inside the society and there is less inbreeding and more diversity that ever before. if the society wanted to be unhealthy by inbreeding as in first cousins the humans would be unhealthy all through history while we see they were extremely more healthy in the society of 2500 years ago living and surviving in that hardship. the chance of defect in the first cousin marriage is no higher than many other forms of breeding outside in one society, mixing and etc.

      Bullshit never ends in the west it seems.

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    • I take it... you want to marry your cousin?

    • Funny how you compare it to racism, when races as literally the furthest in genetics while cousins are pretty close. You argue for diversity and against diversity a the same time, this is a horrible argument, Asker-chan.

  • I... I don't get why you would want to sleep with a member of your family?

  • Well it's not negative thing but it's definitely a stupid thing to have such relationships inside family tree.

  • every kind of marriage should be abolished in my opinion

    why people marry anyway?

  • Because it is still incest on a genetic level and increases the risks of recessive genetic anomalies resurfacing...

    There is also a general decrease in intelligence and many other problems come up die to the lack of genetic diversity.

    • 'incest on a genetic level'

      the most nonsensical sentence ever said.

      I do not know how do people talk about genetics when they do not know enough about it, just to relate it with their personal beliefs.

      about the article it is again the most nonsense article I have ever seen. we have the most variety of races and highest mixing levels in middle east between races. Inbreeding doesn't even mean anything in middle east because two people in one single family from the same parents can be of two different races in physical appearance. while genetically are extremely mixed.

      Also IQ levels in different races is different. Semitics has lower IQs in general than Nordics, Japanese has higher IQ than many others between their own race, and they did and do practise cousin marriage.

      In Europe Germans and British have the highest IQs and they heavily practised cousin marriage. also we see most of the great thinkers and scientists were in this two countries,

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    • I am from a ruling family in Europe . I do not need the examples of it. see the alive example.

      Also again, Ruling families from the Greco-Roman era to the latest eras always had one of the highest mixing rates between them because of the exchange of women between noble families of countries. only a certain portion of ruling class in Europe didn't marry outside of families.

      Genetic anomalies have different causes and can happen for a variety of reasons. relating it only to inbreeding shows one's little knowledge about them. those outcomes exist as one factor between many. nothing more.

    • Increased likelihood.

  • Your still related. Would you have sex with your cousin?


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  • It's because there is a VERY high chance of genetic disorders when you marry somebody within your biological family. That is how tutankhuaman (the king of egypt) died at the age of 19 - from very serious sicknesses that he inherited through family members marrying each other in producing him.

  • Could you imagine how awkward it'd be if your uncle was also your father in law and you were sleeping with your cousin, who you grew up with. Its weird

    But incest, even between cousins is not a good idea. You should have learned that in 7th grade biology, I won't go into detail here, but it's essential for the survival of our race to match up genes that are reasonably different from each other

    You're right cousin marriage was very common before the 20th century, but mostly for royal families and mostly because they were power hungry monarchs who frankly didn't know better

  • It weakens the genes of the next generations. My cuz is so ugly. I wouldn't want to connect with him sexually.

    • I do not care about the dislike of the people for doing it. Many may dislike, many may not. But I will not buy the bullshit of calling a form of marriage that is not even prohibited in US states entirely and is relevant inside most societies, incest.

      It is a derogatory term for a form of marriage that many couples now are inside it. and many were inside it before and never in the whole history was considered incest.

      I don't care about the American culture and if they are in a 'State' that prohibits it so they found it odd or do not go for it. I care that they do not expand their State's law to the whole world and justify themselves to use a derogatory term for a relevant form of marriage.

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    • Really i thought the Chinese, Italians, Germans, irish and the English look funny.

    • Oh i forgot the Ashkenazi too

  • This is in fact incest and reproducing can give your offspring huge disadvantages. It can cause genetically undiverse people which would make it incredibly easy to wipe out off of them with one factor. Usually the offspring have low IQ s and even physical abnormalities.

  • I feel like this kind of incestuous shit is mostly rooted in purity of bloodlines, even racially, which we all know is ridiculous.

    But hey if you wanna fuck your cousin I won't stop you.

  • It's not morally wrong, but genetically, it is a very bad decision, especially closer than second cousins. Coming from Danish nobility, there have been many cousin-marriages in the family, resulting in a diseased bloodline. Now the family marries into the Prussian nobility, but their bloodlines are as inbred as ours, causing health problems. Cousin marriage isn't incest and the further you get, the safer your children are from health complications, but I still wouldn't suggest it.

    • I myself am from an old European nobility family. Cousin marriage was the most relevant marriage not in my family but in our entire region. And we are famous for being healthy, living near the mountains. My own family has no disease except autism which occurs in our family in milder types only, not sever types. Epilepsy sometimes occurs in very few individuals and it is mostly followed by autism. But the number is few. Most 90%+ are more healthy than many other peoples. and the other percent who are in the spectrum are normal mostly even have higher IQ's. we have very strong bodies. males are all 6'2'' and up. females are mostly 5'5' to 5'7'', that is the best average for women. and our physical appearance from beauty aspects is ideal.

      That all means that we did it for centuries and nothing serious happened. There is no guarantee or biological evidence if we didn't do it then a number of us wouldn't have some problems that are existing. that can happen to all.

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    • One can imagine being in such relationship that was always there in families while incest was prohibited. and someone, like some people on here, call the relationship one is in and his father and mother were inside it, incest. Means not only you are doing incest but you are the product of incest as well by this word. and so many other peoples.

      If the feeling about cousin marriage was slightly near to incest taboo it would not be practised and encouraged for some thousand years in the same societies that prohibited incest.
      Calling it incest or incestuous is of ignorance. nothing else.
      About the outcomes, it is people’s choice. As all the other forms of relationship.

    • Honestly, I could agree more, our family is very similar, except pancreatic cancer, epilepsy and MS are the only diseases that show up on the family tree. My parents have 24 siblings between them so most of my cousins further than 1st cousins are people that I have never even met.

  • Um, ew, no, gross. It's also bad for procreation. I think people who think its okay to have sex with their own blood is crazy. Disfuckingusting!

  • Cousin marriage *is* incest... that's exactly what incest is.
    And it is wrong and disgusting. There are how many people in the world and people don't even TRY to look outside the family tree? Ugh.
    Nice trolling attempt though, haha!

    • I am sorry but you do not know what the fuck is incest and that in some points it is considered a natural feeling that is even involved in one of the theories of the creation of societies. and not only in the same theory but in its definition it is considered the closest members of family who is connected with blood, only.

      while in the same theory the families for prohibiting incest they invented cousin marriage. Yes, cousin marriage was a form of marriage between families to prevent incest.

      you just said a nonsense. bravo. nice bullshit.

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    • You really should calm down. There's no need to be so hostile... it's proof that you're just trying to cause trouble.
      And I think it's funny that you think I supported someone I didn't even get along with, haha!

      Have a nice day. I'm out.

    • good. using a derogatory term so strongly for a form of marriage that many couples around the world are now inside it shows how much respect you have for the people outside of your 'State' and line of preference. Insulting a large group easily by calling their choice incest.

      good job. I guess you should remain out. I am not hostile. I am showing you what you are.

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