What does it really mean when a guy says he wants to be friends for now with the possibility of more later?

I've known this guy seven years, we dated five years ago. We were engaged. No matter what happens we always end up talking and hanging around each other. We have recently been acting like we're dating, but we both have a lot going on in our lives so we're just friends. He said he wants to be friends for now with the possibility of something more later. He doesn't want to rush back into a relationship or put any expectations on us. I love him and I don't want to get hurt. Any advice? Thanks (:


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  • Sorry to tell you that , because I'm just being honest ;

    That's what I'd tell to a girl that I'll consider as a spare wheel while looking for someone else or having already another relationship .. , though you say that you know each other for seven years , which means he cares for you and must be honest .

    Ask him how long are you supposed to stay just friends , and let him know slightly that he may lose you , he's supposed to worry about that if he really loves you ..


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