Married folk, do you always wear your wedding ring?

I am married, but I don't wear a ring, haven't since my wedding day. This is purely because I hate having things on my hands and fingers, they irritate me and I feel the urge to fiddle with them. Fiddling inevitably involves taking them on and off, and taking them on and off inevitably ends with taking them off and leaving them somewhere.

My wife (who does wear her ring btw) knew this about me from early on in our relationship (had to explain when she bought me a watch) and I said to her before the wedding that wearing a ring would be very tough for me but I would try if it was really important to her, and she said no, it was ok.

Also she know I talk about her a lot and everyone who knows me knows I'm married (she always gets 'I hear a lot about you' when I introduce her) so she knows I'm not trying to get up to any funny business.

So I just thought I'd ask to see how often married people wore their rings in general. Also, what would be your reaction if someone you were marrying didn't want to wear a ring, would it be 'no ring, no wedding!' or would there be some flexibility?

  • My ring never leaves my finger, or I only ever take it off for safety reasons
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  • I wear my ring, but not all the time.
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  • I have a ring but never or almost never wear it.
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  • I am married but we don't have rings.
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  • I'm not married, just want to see results.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I always have my rings (engagement and wedding band) on unless:
    My hands/fingers are swollen.
    Or if I'm about to clean or cook then goes right back on afterwards.

    *I used to be the woman that didn't wear rings or a lot of bracelets so I was worried about how it'd feel once I got married. I actually feel funny whenever I don't have it on. Like something is missing. Try wearing it a lot more. Or maybe try a different ring. The more you wear it, the more you should be able to get used to it.

    • I'm afraid I would lose it before I got used to it! Just glad I have an understanding wife so I don't have to. Perhaps I should get a €40 titanium band to practice with until I get used to it? Could afford to replace it every month if need be!

      As it stands though, I think the worst we have to worry about is people might assume I'm a divorcee when I take my son to the playpark.

    • To Asker:
      It's ultimately a decision that is between you and your wife. But if you're really wanting to get in the practice of wearing a ring, buying a cheaper band to practice with is a great idea!

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What Girls Said 1

  • Even now I am separated I still wear mine

    • Is that because you don't want guys hitting on you, or is it just more a familiar comfort?

    • Well I am still married so it seems dishonest to remove my wedding ring until I get divorced next year

What Guys Said 1

  • Unfortunately, I lost mine a few years ago (after losing some weight, it just didn't stay on very well. No, it wasn't a metaphor). Getting a replacement is on my to-do list.