Wives and Husband's of GAG! What are some key aspects to ensure a long lasting relationship?

My boyfriend confessed to me last night that he's falling in love with me. He told me that he sees a future with me and wants to build towards that future together. He went on to say that even though we may not be married in his eyes he sees me as his wife because that's what he is building towards and as such he will treat me the way a wife should be treated.

I'm really happy about this news. So because of that I'm a bit anxious as far as screwing up goes. I don't want to let any bad habits ruin our relationship and I'd like to make sure I'm doing all the right things to make my boyfriend happy.

So with that being said what are some key factors to a relationship that shouldn't be ignored/overlooked?

What was one major thing you came to realize that dramatically improved you and your spouses relationship?


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  • I disagree with Anon that is is just a piece of paper. I am guessing that I might have left 10 years ago if I wasn't actually married and that would have been a mistake. For me the biggest thing is that you have to go easy on each other, easier than you would anyone else. Many people go harder on their spouse which is a mistake. also, remember that you are with a guy, not a girl. I mean that he isn't going to think like you or have all of the same values as you. there will be rude, crude guy humor, he won't clean the way you want things cleaned, he may not clean at all and that isn't so you have to it is just that he doesn't care that much about it. A big piece of advice is to have a long period before marriage if that is where you are going to take it. I always thought that it didn't matter how long we fated if that was the end destination. I would suggest 3 years minimum and we did 5 years. good luck. Feel free to message me if you have questions. We have been married for 28 years with 5 years before that.

  • The difference between a married couple and a couple that isn't is the title and a piece of paper... as long as you keep doing what you're doing and be honest truthful, respectful, and trusting, you'll be fine. No Need to overthink a title.

    • I see. I will definitely keep that in mind. Thanks for responding!

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