I dont know what to do I need help with how to calm my husband?

so my husband and i have been together for almost 5 years and have been married for 2 years, we have been going through a tough time and its been getting intense. i use to be a stay at home mom of two babies and he use to work at a good job which is hard to come by now a days and he ended up quiting to go to school full time and now im working, we had to move in with my parents to get back on our feet he said it will be good and he doesn't mind taking care of the girls when i work. now he's mad because i work in a warehouse doing lumping/ frieght handling for 8 hours starting at 3am so when i get home im exhuasted i spend time with my family for 3 or 4 hours before i have to go to bed or he leaves for school its tough yes and i know we both hate this but now he's always angry and i came up with once a month date night but he says no and invites friends over how do i talk to him bout going out? and get him to tell me what he wants and why he is angry all the time?


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  • Wow.. all I can say :

    How can he expect you not to work while he is in school full time? Does he think money grows on trees? Sheesh. I don't know what you can do to "calm" him but that would be the last thing I'd be doing if I were you.. I'd tell him to get his fucking head out of the clouds up in fantasy land and then HE will get the PRIVILEGE of getting some of YOUR time. Your guilt is misplaced, put it right back on him where it belongs.

    • i bring in 1400 a month so yeah its a miracle to have this good of a job to leave it, i get mad too there's a lot of stress i think it might have to do with the tables turning he's at home more (online classes mostly) im scared that if i dont do something he might leave he even mentioned taking the girls for a week to his parents house cause " i dont pay attention to his feelings and needs"

    • Tell him he can go if he wants but are you just gonna let him take your kids like that? I would not let someone take my kids for a whole week (if I was a mom).. How old are your girls?
      He's just being a child about this. I think it's time for a divorce really...

    • I have a 3 yr old and a 1yr old

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  • Well I understand the situation, him just making demands yet not being available or willing to compromise is passive aggressive. He needs to get some help because it sounds like he's blaming you for the situation "which you are making the best of ", and basically pouting like a little brat. Work in some toe popping sexy time and see if that snaps him out of it. Most women don't realize how much men really need that to feel validation and loved. I'm guessing it's probably been a while? I turn into a pissy little bitch when I don't get laid consistently, and maybe that is all he needs too? Good luck!

    • I'll try that it has been almost 3 weeks so yea maybe

    • Good luck, usually works like a charm.

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  • Is it possible for you to get another job? I know jobs are hard to come by but there might be different options available for you. For example, maybe you can work in food processing at a factory or as a starter at pizza hut. My job at pizza hut was so easy that a 9 year old kid could do it and the routinely hire high school students and people with no work experience.

    • thats what i thought too but he says that the money is too good and we can't afford losing it. i thinks its a good idea tho

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