What made you marry your wife/husband?

Ha ha sorry this is too simplistic a question, but I sincerely wonder.

See all these questions on girls ask guys are always about girlfriends/boyfriends and stuff, but those relationships are temporary. Unless you end up marrying the person

What are some genuine qualities you look for in a woman/man? It would be interesting to see what responses come in.


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  • Common interests are a big thing but being able to coexist while having different hobbies is big too. I am a huge book worm and my fiancé loves video games. We spend time together while each enjoying our separate hobbies. Even though I hit him when one of my characters die causing him to mess up he still enjoys doing this together. Bless his heart.
    Good communication skills and loving one another are an obvious most.
    I am lucky because my significant other will tell me I am beautiful whenever he thinks I look beautiful, and I appreciate that more than he'll ever know. I love being able to talk back and forth about problems and him always being there to support my views and decisions.
    Which brings me to another matter: being supportive of one another.
    Good sense of humor.
    I am hilarious and even though John isn't it's okay because I will laugh at his lame jokes like he's just as funny. C":
    I really love how my future husband's feet are always warm and mine are constantly freezing. Nothing feels better than cuddling with my little feet warmer.
    It's honestly so many big and small things about your significant other that makes them perfect husband or wife material that I couldn't name them all even if I tried.
    I just know that when I'm with my soon to be husband that when we're just in our pajamas at the house doing nothing there's no one I would rather be doing nothing with more than him. I feel a sense of belonging and rightness just being near him. He makes me feel like there has to be a high power because I couldn't be so lucky to have him on my own. He makes me a better person just by being his self.


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  • I looked for someone that I got along with effortlessly, she was great with babies and kids so I thought she would be a great mother, it just felt right and i was ready after 5 years of dating and engagement.

    • Do men consider things like equal salary/income, stuff like that?

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    • Yes, we were and are a team and both worked, her on the inside and me on the outside, that is true. 33 years together and maybe that many fights. I am 0 for 33 though in the fights.

    • I missed your question in family. I was in another state for a long while and we did LTR as I had to mve fr a job. She went to my parents house every Friday at the invitation of my mother. I think mom was checking her out for me lol. I wasn't that concerned about it and mom liked her so all was good.

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  • Because I loved him at the time. At least I thought I did. We had a bit of a history together before hand and always seemed to end up back to each other so we decided to marry one day. We lasted 12 years.

    • If you don't mind me asking, do you ever look back and regret the 12 years, or are they still good memories. Kind of like, despite what happened, you're happy and so is he?

    • Nah I don't regret too much of it. I have three wonderful kids out of the marriage but I do think we probably should have went our separate ways earlier than when we did. We have a few good memories of being together.

    • It's really great that you're able to look at it that way, and still make note of the good memories. Honesty.

      I have a tendency to regret things pretty easily, so I admire people who don't.

  • Still single but I'd say My God and destiny - what HE chose for me is the best for me

  • Maybe your bf is temporary ✋ and people well smart people marry for love