How to get him to propose already?

My boyfriends and I have been together for 4 years. We have 2 kids and house a together. We've talked about marriage before, but he says "We don't have the money." I told him I don't want a big wedding or anything like that, we could just have a civil marriage ceremony, he says he doesn't wanna do that. Why not? It's cheap and I don't have a lot of family or friends to invite anyway. UGH!

Whatever, back to the main question.

Thanks in advance! :)


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  • he will propose when he feels ready to propose. can't really force him. and he probably wants that nice wedding that he wants.

    • That's the thing... we both don't have many people to invite. So why does he need a fancy wedding? I just want to be able to call him my husband and have the same last name as him and my kids. I don't care about a big wedding with a nice ring or dress. I just want to marry him!

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    • that's most likely not enough reason for him to get married, which is probably why he hasn't proposed because he doesn't see it going any further past those 2 reasons.

    • things probably feel stable to him right now, even with kids, he probably feels like life is going well so why not keep it where it is at right? from a guy's point of view.

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  • He doesn't want to marry you cos he already has it all without the paperwork!
    Why did you give everything before asking for what you wanted?

    • We didn't plan on having a baby when we did, so we didn't really have time to get married. Then once having a baby, we obviously needed a house... I couldn't be like "hey lets slow down and get married.." I was already pregnant.

    • Actually wrong. My husband didn't move in til after our shared child was a month old. We got our home when our shared child was 4m old. We didn't marry til our child was 10m old. But the thing is, he sought out marriage, not me. If he isn't ready now, it's never gonna happen. Be sure to set your priorities straight when he shows that a family isn't really what he wants in life.

    • We definitely needed a house... we were both living in my parents basement. But I see what you mean. I'll talk to him.
      Thank you.