How do I be more romantic with my wife?

(I know the age says I'm under 18 im using my brothers account) I just want to be more romantic because are anniversary is coming up and I want to make it special. Any ideas please


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  • Why are you using your brothers account? It takes literally 2 minutes to make one.
    Surprise her with a nice dinner when she thinks y'all are gonna have pizza or something.
    Take her out to lunch from her work..

    • I tried to make one but my gmail wouldn't open if that makes any sense @NatelnAk

  • I call bullshit. If you were married you'd know better.

    • What's that supposed to mean

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    • Hey, at least he knows his anniversary is coming up.

    • @NateinAk he isn't really married is my point this is a troll question.