What's the quickest way to get a girlfriend?

Without it just being a one night stand


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  • 1. $1,000 flight to Vietnam.

    2. a Green card marriage: $1,000

    3. A Vietnamese Asian wife who cooks, cleans, looks beautiful with great skin and will be the best mommy ever?


    • I got a good laugh for the day. Thanks!!!

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  • Since your're 25-29, your best bet is to go for a girl in college. And go for a sappy needy one that wants a relationship if you want one asap. If you have standards, I'd advice against the sappy one because they will annoy you after a while. But in general, go for a girl in college. Go to clubs and bars that college people go to. It's not that hard. But don't mistreat these girls just because you're older. If you're more like 29, you should really go for someone closer to your age. And remember that freshers will be immature.

    Don't have one night stands; they never go anywhere. Ask someone out on date and build up to something. Don't have sex until you've been dating at least a month. Get to know someone first.

    But look you're the guy, you have the upper hand in dating so why aren't you using it?

  • Go to a church service, or volunteer in a non-profit organization. You will meet a decent girl there.

    • No no no no, never ever ever will I ever date a girl I meet at church.

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