Im a virgin , and im getting marreid soon, and scared?

So lol, yeah, i dono what to do in the first day ,
I mean when we do it,.
Im shy and scared ,
How was ur first,



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  • The key is to relax.

    To be yourself.

    Allow yourself to enjoy him.

    Yes, there will probably be some discomfort. You will find later on in life it only adds to the joy of being forever bonded to him in the most intimate of ways. Without the pain it does not seat itself as deeply in your mind, heart, and soul.

    Surrender all of who you are to him, and enjoy an act of love that you both will remember for the rest of your lives.

    Your flesh will become one with his flesh, your heart will be one with his heart, your soul will be one with his soul.


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  • Speaking as a guy it was nice but I did things so and let her make the first move in that direction and if your husband truly loves you you have nothing to be scared of.


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  • My first time probably would have been more comfortable in a bed instead of the back of a car in a college parking lot. For women, foreplay is important. Take you're time, enjoy discovering each other. Trust me you'll have plenty of 5 minute quickies later on down the road, but only one first time and only one honeymoon. Sex can be the most wonderful, fun and intimate experience ever with someone you love. Just try to relax, maybe have some wine or champagne, cuddle, take a warm bath first to loosen up. You got this, you guys will figure it out together. No one is born an expert at sex either. Everyone is different and it'll take time to learn your partner. Don't be afraid of a long study session. 😉 good luck and congrats!!

    • Aww thank you a lot :D

  • Huh? What?

    Anyway trust the guy ans let him guide you through. Make sure he takes his time.

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