Could this have been symbolizing something of the future?

I had dreams starting September of 2013 of meeting some guy in high school, dating him, and then we got married after. The day after the first dream I had I noticed a guy staring at me for a long time. Long story short I thought that he was the guy even though we met in middle school and nothing from the dreams happened with him. During a school event I still thought that guy 1 was the guy then I met this other guy. Everything seemed to stop right at that moment and it was like I was floating but I didn't think much of it. Well after that I started to see guy 2 more around school. Then this school year we had a class together. It started out with him always saying hi and asking me how I was until he was joking with me then told me that he loved me which ended up not being a joke. Then a week later he proposed to me which was kind of a joke but this was special because in one of the dreams the mystery guy proposed to me at school which is exactly what happened. Could this mean that he is the guy from the dreams?


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  • Girl you're having a premonition of your future. That's a gift.

    • Wait so he could be the guy? And thanks.

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    • I mean I am doing what feels right. I kind of feel like something is missing. I mean everything about him feels right

    • let's see how this will pan out... and match it to the movie script that you'd see already in your dreams? :)