Should I leave my husband for good?

I been married for 10 years. He has cheated on me for the whole 10 years of our marriage.My husband has left me 2 times for 2 different women. He left me the second time last week. He has been away now for two weeks now. My husband travels a lot and he always blames the traveling on business purposes. He has women in the country he lives, and the countries he visits overseas for " business". What should I do, I am so hurt, I don't want my kids to be hurt when I leave him. He is a great father, and he treats me good financially and the problem is he likes a lot of women. I am retired at a early age from as an accountant. Because he told me I don't need to work, I can stay home with the kids and travel anytime I want. But, I don't want to travel with him anymore because of his dirt. Money isn't the problem. It that I'm so hurt from being played like a rag doll.

I am a beautiful woman, I have one numerous beauty pageants in my country, many man wants me, I'm not a cheater..

Do you think I should continue havin sex with husband since he his been around?

GIRLS? BOYS? answers please help =]


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  • Besides the fact that he is a good provider and father, what else are you getting out of this? Do you know what I read? I read a post from a very beautiful woman who's heart is broken and she is dying inside for love from a good man. She is torn by whether or not she should leave her marriage. I didn't read the part where you were happy and being fulfilled.

    As a woman and Mother, you owe it to yourself and those children to make a change. You are showing your children that it's acceptable for a man to treat a lady like that. You don't think your children are aware of what's happening? Believe me, they're VERY aware. They're also learning from example about married life. Marriage is about love, vows, forsaking all others, respect, solid family foundation. There is an absence of those things.

    You need to leave and start fresh. You deserve to be happy and so do those children. Your children will adapt and they are resilient. Take the time to build your life independently and then when you're ready, find yourself a prince and not a player.

    • Ok since he has been away with his new woman, he calls me and text me every other day. I don't return his texts or answer my cell phone, but when he calls on the house phone my maid brings me the phone. Which makes me have to talk to him. It is notthing sexuall or loving that is being said to me by him its only " HOW ARE YOU? AND HOW ARE YOU DOING? AND IF I AM OKAY." I need to know if I should break all ties with him, because I am hurt. everybody is telling me that I should talk to him

    • Break all ties with him. Contact a lawyer and have him/her speak to him. The cycle needs to stop and the way to do that is to step away from him and the situation entirely. He WILL not change.

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  • i would leave and take the kids see, he`s a great father but when you do that you`ll be the greatest mother its not fair to the kids ,oneday they`ll grow up and understand .

    beautiful women shouldnt be played like rag dolls and defenitly not cheated on not given money in exchange for a cheating husband ,they shouldnt be hurt and if your husband doesn't understand that then he doesn't care , so while you`re still young and beautiful, find someone who cares , you don't wanna be fifty and still wishing that you took off 25 years ago .

    bottom line he doesn't deserve you .

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