Eloping at the last minute - romantic and passionate or crazy and reckless?

Do you think the idea of a couple eloping at the last minute is romantic and passionate or crazy and reckless?

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  • Depends on what the last minute is exactly. If the wedding hall is already booked, and the invitations sent out and people are planning on a wedding, then it is crazy and reckless. If this is decided before those plans are made its romantic and passionate. This is after all YOUR (your and your hubby's) wedding, if the two of you want to elope then elope.

    If you are worried about "robbing" other people of something that is supposed to be about YOUR love talk about having a reception another time, lots of people do something like that. Remember this is supposed to be a celebration of your love and as long as you aren't wrecking any plans and you want to elope, elope.


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  • I think it's selfish. I know people who have eloped and that may have been the best choice for them, but they have denied their parents a wedding. Where I come from weddings are very important. Everyone looks forward to a wedding. Both girls I know who eloped with the first born and only daughter in their families.

    They have robbed their mothesr of being Mother of the Bride, their fathers of their walk down the isle and the Father-Daughter dance, and the chance for their families and friends the opportunity to celebrate with them. They robbed their mother of the chance to take their daughter dress shopping.

    All material things, yes, but such important things all the same. Not to mention all the security deposits that they don't get back.