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I have been seeing a guy for a month and a half now. We get together about twice a week, usually over his house for dinner and to watch a movie or we go out to eat. We have not had sex yet, but have engaged in other. Clothes on still. Outside of these times, he never texts, rarely sends me a message on myspace that just asks where I'm at in watching his favorite tv series lost, and he never calls. I'm pretty sure he is not seeing anyone else, but I feel like I am the one making the effort in everything. I bought him some nice stuff for his b-day, and his favorite band is coming to town this Saturday. So I bought him a ticket and faxed it to his work about 2 hours ago. I haven't heard anything from him about it and need a guys point of view as to what he might be expecting from this relationship.


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  • It sounds like he is not worth the trouble. He is making no effort for you. It appears that he just likes to be physical with you, but otherwise doesn't want to be bothered.

    Chances are this isn't going to change. I think you should get out of it now.


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