Why did he really break up with me?

For 1.5 years my ex and I were really in love. He always said (even up to 2 months before the break up) that we were perfect for each other. And always seemed excited about marriage and kids down the road.

Then, for a week, he started getting more easily annoyed with me. He went to school before I did (so we were apart for 2 weeks) and when I came up he broke it off. It felt like he did a 180 on me. He said he needed to be free and felt tied down and marriage was our next step, but he still loved me.

Now he has been hanging out with a girl (rebound?) that he can't date and has chosen not to because of work. (She's a super conservative christian and he's not even that religious. I know that nothing physical has happened between them and its been a month). And says he can't say he loves me when he likes her.

My question is, did he break up with me because he wanted to live the single life while he's young (he's 20) and make sure I'm the one, or does he already know I'm not?


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  • No guy is excited about marriage. So you must have your facts wrong unless he used that line to get in bed with you.


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