Arab wanting to marry an American women?

I am an arab guy in my mid twenties. I have been living in the states for around 5 years now. never had date anyone (don't ask how or why) just up till recently i have been think of marrying an American women and taking her back home. your opinions!! cons and pros

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waiting for useful opinions or someone who had experience in similar relationship.
you guys sound like idiots when mentioning ISIS. would i just come to a girl that doesn't know me or anything about my culture and say "`hey lets get married and go back with me to my country.."

i thought you Westerners are critical thinkers but so far i say can tell by the comments is all based on stereotyping and ignorance.


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  • why should it be a bad thing? people are free to make their choices


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  • Honestly if you really meet and fall in love with an American woman than okay sure go for it but I don't know if she'd want to go back to your home country to live mostly because she's so use to America and all that she has in the states. So it would have to be something you brought up before marrying her so she could decide on her own and based on her decision you could really know if you'd want to take her back or if you'd want to marry her. It's mostly based on the woman and how she feels about it.

    • first thing i would do that i would made sure she understand my culture and how is life would be with me back home. I understand that my culture reputation here in the western world is not the best. but we all tend to look to the bad side of things when we don't like someone or a certain group of people and form a prejudice about them even before meeting and getting to know them in person.

      the decision is up to her and i am not not ganna try to force my opinion on her. Marriage is based on respect and understanding between pairs.

    • I don't believe in generalizing I think that's unfair and shows a high level of ignorance to the fact that people are individuals. But if your going to make sure she fully understands all these things and respect her decision I think marrying an American woman would be fine and if she decides to go back with you great if not okay that's just her decision.

  • With all the stories in the news about ISIS, you are very unlikely to find a woman who is wiling to go back home with you and if she is not Muslim she probably does not speak the native language of Arabic.

  • Why do you want to take her back home? And would your family approve? i am so interested in the Arab culture so feel free to message me whenever you would like!


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  • I don't think the average American women would want to give up her freedoms that the US allows compared to the oppression that conservative Middle Eastern countries have in place.

    I doubt the Burka, Hijab, and most importantly the distance and separation from her family would be a good idea.

    That and a white woman would stick out like a sore thumb over there. I also think that with the current state of American foreign affairs you probably wouldn't want to be in a relationship with someone who would be an ISIS/anti-American target.

    Lastly, you shouldn't be marrying someone because they are a white American female. You should be marrying someone because you love them and they love you in return.

  • My opinion is that if she isn't Muslim she will have a hard time coping in Saudi Arabia? Are you from Saudi Arabia? There are plenty of women who would marry you just like how many Saudi Princes have at least one wife from the west (variety). You probably have to be rich though.

    In my opinion American women are not all that great, they are the furthest from cultured because America is isolated from the rest of the world. They know of Europe which is where most of them come from, let alone Asia or the Middle East.

  • "Taking her back home"

    ew. She would be outta her mind.

  • sounds hawt

  • I'm sure she'd be happy to go live in a country where women get stoned to death. Great idea.

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