What's up with this gal?


I found a gal on the net and had a blind date, after the first date we started talking on the phone hours and hours and she told a lot about herself, she told me she has a boyfriend who she doesn't love much but she was forced to love him, because this guy was his old school mate and he found her on the net and proposed her for marriage through his parents and her parents agreed now she has not much choice even she accepted him as her future hubby , she accepts gifts from her, that was when I was making an entry to her life. Ours was like an LDR , my hometown is 40km from her home and the place work is far away from my hometown its about 600kms , just 15 days back she found a job close by my work place and we started hanging out like 4 times and we had sex twice.. I think I am falling for her and I know for a fact that I cannot marry her... Do you think she is player? because she talks to a lot of boys on the phone... I have no issues if she talks to other guys I have issues when she hangs out with them but I have no way to find it out...


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  • WOW its like them stories I read about...arranged marrages and shiz. First I think you need to talk to this girl and get things straight. Does she like you as much as you like her? Is she using you? If she is using you I think now is the time to say goodbye to this girl because in the end it is you that is going to get hurt not her. If she likes you as much as you like her then you need to sort some things out like the fact SHE IS GETTING MARRIED! Can you some how stop the wedding? If you can then do so. I'm sure you can work this out. Just explain to the people who are making this girl get married that you love her and that you can't watch her be married off to someone she doesn't love.

    I hope I helped you.

    Good luck ! x

    • Is the comment from juleedy4u for me? or the guy who wrote the problem? I'm confussed :L:L

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