My wife had an ongoing "chat" affair. She said they did not have sex. Should I beliver her?

Lots of texting. She said it was emotional only no sex. Should I believe her. What should I do?


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  • Dude emotional affair... it's just as bad as physical affair, because her mind is leading her to an affair.

    If I were you, I'd:

    1. Talk to God about it.
    2. Pray with her, especially in the bedroom.
    3. Find out what is causing her to have an emotional affair because most likely is because you are not fulfilling her emotional needs because you ignore her emotions or emotionally abuse her.
    4. Increase communication.
    5. Go to couples therapy.

    *If you do not get this under control she will eventually A. Leave you for who she is having an emotional affair with or B. Have sex with this person and then it's too late.

    More information:

    • In some ways, an emotional affair might be worse because her heart is not with you. But her body is. God cares about the heart.

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    • Forget #1 and 2 but do the other things. I really don't know how praying to god can help lol

    • I agree with you thrifty. :)

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  • One thing I know You can 'Believe' here, dear, and that is what I am about to tell You----She has been Sexting and That, my friend, is Cheating and not only That, she is 'Cheating' you as well, especially being a married woman.
    If you stand for this, you will always be stooping to whatever poop she decides to throw your way and what she may say. She has been pushing a lot of buttons with some schmo from Idaho on one end, while sleeping with you on her other end, which makes her a cheat sheet and is also showing me, without it having to be etched in stone, that she is Missing something with your own Kissing, not only with it being 'Emotional,' but Sexually as well.
    She cannot be trusted and now that the cat is out of the bag, she may go astray someday, this little pussy... no more pussy footing around her. Have a pet talk and find out where this is all going. I am seeing this going down a beaten problem path, ending up to be War of the Roses.
    Good luck. xx

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      I have had a serious talk. She was very mad with herself at being so stupid (her words)

    • Stay on your own guard, do not let it down.. once a person starts to enjoy a little sexting and texting on one end, it can continue on another end, if not with that one person but even with others... she needs to prove herself to you... she can't Expect your trust now, she has to Earn it... xx

  • @Thrifty This is so true. Deception is deception. It's not about if she did or didn't have sex at this point, a line of communication is lost and needs to be rediscovered. The key elements to a good and healthy relationship aren't being fufilled; which are: honesty, respect, trust, andl loyalty which equals communication. I'm sorry you are going through this. I believe she may love you but she needs to be open about how she is feeling about your marriage. Talking it out is the only way you'll do what's best for you.

  • It depends a lot on the contents of their discussions. Either way I still classify it as emotional cheating. However, going through something similar myself I have to ask why she needed to find an emotional relationship with another man? If you love her still I suggest you two go see a marriage counselor and try to get to the bottom of it. What she did was wrong but she might have been in a very lonely place.


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  • You should be worried, because the way she cheated. That's the big difference between guys and girls. Girls cheat for emo, guys cheat for ego, meaning she isn't getting what she wants from you emotionally. And women are emotional beings. You better ask her what is up, and ask her what your doing wrong.

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