Why marry someone much older than you?

Okay look i get it if you're 20-22 and he's like 33-35 he's still young , handsome and he could be accomplished and have everything you will ever want... but i look at movie stars and singers , and famous people in general they seem to not give a dam about age , i mean most of these hot actresses or singers are in their later twenties or early thirties and their husbands are rarely around the same age , most of their husbands are 50+ some even well into their 60s , i am not saying that you can't love someone because he/she is older , but when you have money, looks, fame and pretty much everything you desire i think most of you will want someone as attractive and young as yourselves so i find it hard to believe that a young actress marries a 60 years old business man because she loves him.

so why? what is the reason?


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  • Because you only live once and there's no reason to deny your feelings or happiness because it's not the norm or people don't understand.

    Last thing you wanna think when you take your last breathe is that you lived for other people's happiness because in that moment you're going to be alone no matter how many people are around.

    Why does it bother you?

    • I like what you wrote

    • well it doesn't bother me at all they can do whatever they want its not my business but when i see a 28 years old actress marrying a 65 years old business man i immediatly think gold digger

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