Is he the one or is this just infatuation?

I met this guy last year and I remember when we first talked to each other it was like the everything stopped. After that I started to see him around school a lot more and now we have a class together. One day I was going to get my phone and a bunch of people were in the way then he was like " ____ is trying to get through". Everybody moved then I said excuse me because he was standing in front of the door. He said oh sorry and moved then I walked back out and he said "___, you keep getting in my way." Then I turned around and smiled at him then he stopped smiling and said "I'm just kidding, I'm sorry I love you." I for some reason still thought that he was playing around so I waked away. Then a week later as a joke he asked me to marry him. What was special about that is the fact that I actually had a dream about getting proposed to at school so that stuck out to me because I had been having dreams about some guy that I meet in high school then we get married which is what is crazy because we were in high school when we met. Okay so now last week he started talking to me again. He asked me what else did I need when we were doing a project in class. On Tuesday, so I went into my class early. I was finishing some work and overheard some girl say "They are talking about how _____ has a crush on her" then tilts her head in my direction. I do like him but I am not one to make the first move because of my lack of experience and because that's just not me. I also find myself randomly daydreaming about him and I know its not coming from me because of how things went but yeah. I am a
Christian and I have talked to the Holy Spirit and I asked a question about the guy and was told to wait and thats what I heard everytime I asked about him.


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  • Hate to patronize you love but it's probably just infatuation. You are still so young after all. But I'd still say you should go after him!

    • I understand that we are both young but a lot of things from the dreams have happened with him. I'm not like obsessed or in love with though. Its just that there's something special about him and he is just not like anyone else I have met. I also feel a connection with him too.

    • Again, I won't say you're wrong because crazier things have happened, but I wouldn't get carried away.

    • Yeah I'm trying not to over think things which I haven't.

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  • You talked to the Holy Spirit? Really?
    That's really hilarious. Trust me such things happen a lot in the teenage days. We spend a lot of time daydreaming. I know because I daydream too. And these infatuations are quite common. You might think that I'm a jerk but at present I'm infatuated with 5 girls, seriously.
    Believe me these things get well with time.
    Take care

  • Sister in Christ, it sounds like you haven't even dated him yet, and you're already thinking about marriage? You're only 15! Take it easy and get to know him first!

    • I'm not necessarily but its just how I am I don't want to date a guy unless I know for sure that he is the one. In one of the dreams I was proposed to at school and then it happened for real but you know as a joke.

    • There IS no way to know unless you get to know him.

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