Should we tie the knot if thats what he wants?

My guy kept talking about marriage constantly & was pressuring me about it for a while. He kept saying these things for a while: we will spend our life together, I'm never leaving you, your not going anywhere & nighter am I. One day when I sat him down to say hey marriage is very serious (because I don't believe in divorce, if you promise to God till death do you part, then you better keep your word) and I'm not sure we should jump into that right now, we're both young so lets be sure we are both truly ready for that & that its what we both want. His answer to this was: I'll change your mind soon enough, you will marry me...
I just got up off the couch & pretented to have to pee and went to the bathroom. When I came out I immediatly changed subjects because I had absoulutly no response to what he had said. How do I handle this? It's not that I don't want to be with him or that I don't love him. I do love him to death, & I do intend on keeping him for the long haul, but I just want to be sure that he is ready, I am ready, & I just want to wait for a while without any pressure (which yes I've already explained this to him). What should I do? Any suggestions? Would me refusing to tie the knot right now make him feel unloved, under aprreciated, or like I don't want to be with
Him long term? If so, how do I get him to wait for a while so we can get other things together first before tying the knot without offending him or making him feel unwanted?


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  • You do what you want, when you are ready.
    Never feel pressured to make such serious decisions!


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  • How long have you been together?


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  • If he said "(I) will change your mind soon enough" and "(You will) marry me.."
    Instead of "you will change your mind soon enough." And "we'll eventually be married." Its sounds a bit controlling, maybe that's just me playing grammar police, or maybe there's something to it, I can't say.
    I have to agree though on you wanting to wait a little longer. It shouldn't make him feel unloved if you're both together with or without marriage the love is there.

    On suggestions. Tell him that you want that kind of commitment, but you need to get things together first.
    Say it in your own words hopefully he'll understand.
    More importantly do what you feel is in your heart.