Should I give up on him?

There is this guy that I met in Wrestling (yes I wrestle) he is a year older and he is really funny we hung out at all the tournaments and stuff and ever day before practice started we would tackle each other and like he would always tackle me even though a couple of our friends were playing too.

we had our little inside joke and it was fun all season, and the last like two or three practices of the season he found out that I like him because my stupid, mean "friend" told him, well the entire team found out ( its a youth league ages 7-14) and people started telling me how I could do better and how I have bad taste but I still really like him, he never told me how he felt about me but the practice after he found out he was really acting weird like fun but still weird and the last day I saw him, we pinned down my little brother it was me him and another friend and we gave my brother a pink belly then he started crying and then the guy said ok ill make it even and gabbed me from behind and pinned me down and they continuously pulled up my shirt and pink bellied ME!

I haven't seen the guy in over a month and my friends say they see him at school(we go to different schools, and live 15 minutes apart in the year after next we will go to the same school) and asked him if he liked me and they said he said no (the friends that make fun of me for liking him) but one of my other friends said they thought he liked me!

What said I do

give up?


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  • Trust me and not mediators. You need to talk to him and him alone because others will get in the way. When l was in high school l had a crush on this girl but did the wholes asking friend to say this or ask that and what ended up happening is they ruined the chance of the girl and I falling for each other because her friends had crushes on me too. Don't trust others. Talk to him openly and tell him how you feel. If it works out wonderful. And if it doesn't work out you're young and there will be others. The girl I liked in high school is now engaged and I am madly in love with my current girlfriend! Things will be okay. Just stop wasting time and get the truth.


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  • Go and ask him yourself. See what he says.

    • I would but I haven't seen him in a month, he doesn't have a myspace or anything