Guys--Would You Like Her?

This is a pretty general question. Although I admit that some aspects are based off my life. I'm mostly looking for answers from guys 18-20 years old.

So, guys. Say you've known a girl from a few of your classes for about 3 months, and you two have become good acquaintances in the sense that you'll walk to classes together or talk after class, but don't see each other or talk otherwise.

If she showed signs that she liked you, or if you had any other reason to believe she might like you, would you begin to show some return interest? Would you ask her out, even if it's just to see if it could work out? What would you do if she outright told you she liked you, or if she asked you out? Would you think she's coming on too strong or being too desperate?

Would you give a different answer if she was below average in terms of looks? What if she was average? Above average? & Say you already like someone else, but this girl seems to like you. Might you still become interested?

Tons of questions, I know. Therefore, thanks tons in advance. (:


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  • If I was attracted to her and she showed signs of interest I would definitely make a move to ask her out. Plain and simple. If I'm not attracted to someone l don't waist their time. Plain and simple. Don't make this too complicated. Flirt with him and let him be a man and ask you out. Women don need to make a move. Society is changing for the worst in that sense. Pretty soon you will be seeing women down on one knee proposing! Weird. Real men have the balls to hang em out there and ask a girl to dinner.


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