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We are married and having a bit of storm in our relationship this past months and he recently contacted his old friend and told her he was in love with her and misses her. They were friends for 10 years by the way. What should I do? Should I asked him to block the girl and cut communication with her to avoid more temptation. Need advice badly.


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  • Telling him to block the girl, won't be a solution. You need to get back with him , that way he won't go back to his ex for emotional comfort.

    • We already talked about it and I told him that's not how you start a friendly communication with an old friend and told him he needs to respect our marriage. He admit that he was wrong and shouldn't have done that, he was sorry but I want him to block her because I don't want him to see her face even in pictures. Lol I know that's childish of me. So do you think he just came to her for emotional comfort and nothing more? Thanks for your reply by the way.

    • persisting in telling him to block her would just be annoying and not help your cause, he could still contact her behind your back, best thing for you would be to have him see you in a better light. Once you reconcile with him he will start forgetting his old friend.

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