Oversea marriage, how to satisfy my gf to be patient to me get in to handle?

I wanna get married to my American gf, it takes several months for me to deal with my works in my country and end them up, I know she's alone and can't wait a lot for me, but no other way, so what the fuck should I do?


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  • she need learn how to accept it. if not its so hard for both of you. what girl want is attention and also touch. communication skill need to be improve. try to slow talk with her.

    • I think youve been in a situation as I, unless you're female, I think you accept this truth that I should have some thing worthy to my gf to be meaningful for her to wait, I don't exactly know what is the basic key to make her a strong patience; although I believe in my positive points but it's difficult to make her force to be so!

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    • so happy to help you guys :) im looking forward for what your gf answer

    • I told him I love you and I'll be with you till death and dont feel alone, it's right that we are not beside each other right now, but my mind is full of you instead, but she said me:" But now you can't be with me!"

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