If your sibling had autism or Down syndrome, would you be concerned?

You met a guy. You guys date. You guys become a couple. You are in a long term relationship with him for 3 years. You both know you want to get married to each other and start a family. You both are strongly attracted to each other. You both are 25 years old. You both have a stable full time job. You want to start a family.

Would you be concerned that your baby might have autism?


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  • Autism isn't such a big deal for most so I wouldn't be too worried about that. As for Downs Syndrome, the risk is pretty small unless you have a kid past the age of 35 and that's something they can detect early in the pregnancy so you can deal with that when the time comes if it happens.


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  • If it happens it happens. Worrying about it won't accomplish a damn bit of good.

    • Your sibling has severe autism as in he is 20 and still needs help with bathing and brushing his teeth and cannot talk. Your view on life is admiring.

    • And?
      If I have a child with autism or downs, I'll love it like I would any other child. I don't see any sense in worrying about something beyond my control.

    • You are quite amazing

  • I myself am Autistic (Asperger's to be specific), and over the years I've actually succeeded in making my condition a lot milder than it was at the time of diagnosis (I was three), so I'd be prepared for it, and even a little excited about it.

    And just so you know, the word "sibling" refers to your brother or sister, not your child.

    • I am so confused.

      Of course I know "sibling" means to brother or sister.

      Please note for the hypothetical situation, I am talking about severe autism. Please note I have nothing against children with autism.

    • Hypothetical situation. Gotcha.

      And I never said you were blasting us autistic folks; I don't know where you got the idea I was.

      Sever autism, well, that would be a bit more difficult, but I'd still probably be able to understand and relate more easily than a healthy individual.

  • No, why? And even it was 100% chance of our baby being austistic or having Down syndrome I'd still do if she was the one who'd want to settle down and have a family with me


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  • If my sibling had Downs or was autistic I wouldn't care. It doesn't make them weird to me. And if my future child has one of these conditions that wouldn't matter either. I hear about people aborting their pregnancies if the amnio test is positive for Down Syndrome, and honestly there is something wrong with those people. Autism doesn't show up until the toddler ages. I'd love my child either way.

    • You are very admirable.

  • Nope. Life happens and autistic people have rich and fulfilling lives as well. The Lord gives you what you can handle.

    My brother has autism and he's just like any other shy kid except he does his math in his head and doesn't like bright lights.

    • I apologize for not including in the question, I am talking about one where a child has severe autism. Severe autism could mean the child is nonverbal and has to be bathe by the mother even when he is 30 or 40 years old. I do know that autism is a spectrum and there are children who are higher functioning and can speak.

    • Really? Because you come off as someone with something against people with autism with your questions and comments. There are several disabilities that can impact a child's ability to live alone as an adult. That doesn't mean their parents love them any less.

      We don't even have definitive proof that autism is a genetic condition as opposed to an environmental issue. I'd be more worried about things I can actually be tested for like cancer.

    • No you are misunderstanding me. I absolutely do not have anything against people with autism. I honestly have no idea why you would think that. All I'm trying to find out is, if you had a sibling with autism, and you were getting married and thinking about starting a family, would it be rational to have the concern that your baby might have autism? No where in my post did I mention about abortion. I am simply wondering, similar to how a mother of a daughter has breast cancer, the daughter will be concern for her own risk for breast cancer, if it is normal for a person to have a sibling with a disability, to be concerned when they are starting a family. Will you perhaps try to eat healthier or something like that. I am very sorry you think that.

  • I would probably feel abit bad about his future because the child might get bullied over that issue. But the rest no, id still love my child no matter what they have

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