What do you feel is the right age for marriage?

Or do you think it really maters? Why or why not?


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  • There's no specific "right age". What matters is if you are content with who you are, and who you are going to marry. Not how old you are, or the statistics behind your marriage. Love and marriage can happen when we least expect it, and at pretty much any age. So there's little reason to feel rushed or concerned and cloud your mind with negative thoughts.


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  • whenever both parties are mature,finanicially stable and satisfyed with thier career, and have also done lots of the things they want to in life.then get married.lol

  • whenever the couple both realize marriage is:

    -more about companionship and teamwork. Not about pure love or fairy tales.

    -each are independent, have their own lives and are able to share it => "interdependent"

    -financially stable

    -similar life goals

    -understand meanings of open (effective) communication skill, honesty, and trust.

    Then maybe, maybe they will be ready for marriage. Just be mentally ready.


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