How should I propose to her?

To put it simply, we've been dating for years and we know each other well. So it wasn't a surprise when she predicted I'd propose soon...

Here's the problem, my parents say proposals should be surprising and sweet, but my girlfriend knows me all too well...

I need a BIG surprise she'll never expect...some thoughts and opinions?


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  • You should take some romantic footage of you then edit it like a movie trailer. Have the trailer converted to theatre quality,35mm. Convince a projectionist to play it when you and your lady are at a movie. Add a part where you present the ring and ask her,that's when you stand up and present the ring in the theatre in front of all the stupid teens that don't turn off there phones.

    Or have her friend take her shopping,she has to take a route where she would be getting off a highway,that's when you dress like a homeless man standing at the off ramp holding a sign saying "Will marry for love".

    Or you can be at dinner and start fake choking,you cough up the ring saying you'd die for her love and will she marry you. The second one is the proposal I'm gonna do.

  • You know her better than anyone else and I think it is up to you to decide what the surprise would be. However, I would suggest that you think about the things she likes and hates. So if you know that she would be expecting you to propose at her favourite restaurant, don't. I think the biggest surprise would be somewhere romantic but somewhere that she hates like if she was afraid of heights, you could take her to a ferris wheel. She would be so occupied and shocked at you taking her to a place she knows you know she dislikes that you could spring it on her, no problem. Maybe even propose in a relatively mundane place, but somewhere which is special to you, like a supermarket if you met there. You get the idea anyway. Good luck!