How to get a guy to have a desire to pursue a more committed future; possibly marriage?

Not that I am in any hurry. My bf loves me and has a desire to get married and believes I might be the one for him. However he is all about enjoying his 20s right now. However he only has 4 years till the big 30. I am wondering how to get him to be talking about marriage with me. Like what makes a man want to marry his girl. What does he have to realize or experience or etc. to think I should marry her... Your thoughts please


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  • He must be ready and feel you're perfect material for a wife (according to my brother and his girlfriend of 5 years) he won't purpose to her because she is not yet "wife material," however he does plan to marry her once she is... marriage is a huge commitment and is extremely hard decision as you can't just break up, it takes a few years to divorce, so most men (according to my brother, boyfriend and father) want to be 100% sure that she is cut out for him every morning, the rough days, children, necessities as well as mentally.

    • your exactly right. I have been told my whole life that I am wife material. Some guys who just wanted to have fun wouldn't date me bc they said i was wife material and they didn't want anything close to that yet. As for him I think he still needs time to be husband material.

    • I've been told the exact same thing and even had the same experiences. However remember each man to his own, although we may be wife material for 90% of the world, he may just be the 10% who thinks there is still things to learn. As well as maybe he realises he isn't husband material and he is waiting til he is. My boyfriend and I have only been dating a few months (he's 25 and I am 19 also he is Norwegian and I am Canadian) that we have a few cultural things to overcome however he has already spoken of marriage within the next 3-4 years. He is almost husband material (we need to learn more about each other first before he'll be suited for me) as I am the same, I need time to learn more about him and his culture before I will be suited wife material for him; so there are a lot of things to consider in a relationship like where they come from how they were raised, etc.

  • He has to feel like he's with the right girl and be ready for marriage. It sounds like he's already pretty sure about you so now it's just a matter of him feeling like he's ready for marriage and for a lot of guys that doesn't happen until they're a little closer to 30. Give him some time & don't pressure him. In another year if he hasn't brought up marriage, just lightly bring up the discussion and ask him how he feels about it and if he's any closer to feeling ready.