Is it good enough to date someone you are not attracted to, you don't find special with, you find conversations not blending with?

My Ex- boyfriend knew how to treat me, he always did adored and pampered me... He never was harsh on me , it was him who always made it up to me, he alwats treated me the best way but due to some caste religion problems we got seperated.
Being thoughtful about my parents i am dating a guy who doesn't trust me, who doesn't believe i can do things, who never make up... I dont even long to talk to him, i never had that special kinda feeling when i got with him... Some times i get irritated with him, ignores his calls... May be i am addicted to my Ex...
But the bright sight is he is the guy my parents think is good.
I'm kinda girl who always did listened to my parents... Will i be happy with him?


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  • Your parents are not the ones with him, is obvious you are not feeling him. If is because of religion it doesn't mean that u shouldn't be happy. I understand the religion part but maybe he is not the one fir you. Also u did mention ur ex that means u broke up while u still loved him. Am not sayin to go back with him u should make that decision. What am sayin is u haven't gotten over him, so u could be causing sum of the damage too thinking that he is nothing like ur ex. It could be also he is not as sweet or a gentleman as your ex. Once u had a good thing it will be really hard to find someone better. Love is not what it once was :/


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  • No, not unless you want to live the rest of your life filled with regrets. You're trying to find a potential life partner - one who trusts you and vice versa and to provide you with emotional support when you need it. Sure, a lot of couples who have been married for 10+ years will tell you their feelings for each other/way they treat each other are not like what it used to be, but if those feelings of butterflies and excitement are not there from the start then you can be sure that the relationship will be doomed in the long run.

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