Why do I feel like my husband is not into me?

My husband just came back from iraq and everything is cool I guess in our marriage but sometimes for me I feel like the chemistry is not there any more. Like he talks about girls too much even though since I talked to him about it he has stopped but I can still notice on him his interest in other girls. In bed were good but sometimes he makes me feel like his trying so hard to be into it and sometimes when his a little tipsy or drunk he can't get it up. What do you think I should do?


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  • Bring his best friend home for a little fun

    Seriously, his experience in Iraq may have changed him - perhaps, your not what he wants now - perhaps, your marriage was a relationship of convenience - this could just be a phase - his war service may have him too tapped into his masculinity: thus, feeding his desire to conquer other woman - he could want to get as far away from his war experience as possible: therefor he now looks at and thinks of other women because when he was in the service, he often thought of you, and now, you could be reminding him of that service he just wants desperately to forget - OR - this could just all be in your head.

    I suggest you try different things in and out of the bedroom, change your hair style and color, work out more often, change your wardrobe, remind him that he doesn't need another woman - you can be anything he could every would want - AND - you love him.

    Do all of this with actions, talking about this with him with most likely just push him away as he himself may not be aware of why he is acting the way he is now.



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