Does he still want me; Is he not attracted to me?

We have been together off and on for two years. Four months ago, we decided to get back together. At the time, he was in Miami, I, in NY. He came back to NY, he says, for me. He's been back a month, we got engaged. The problem is that we've only had sex 4 times in a month. I need and use sex as an expression of love. What could be wrong? We're having slight financial difficulties, but that's never stopped us before. Please help!


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  • Financial strains may not have affected things before, but I guess there is always a first time. Sometimes pressure comes from a feeling of things moving too fast. My thoughts went to what you said about off and on. I've been there. And in our times together we became more cautious. But, the fact that he moved and the engagement seem like very positive steps. It sounds like you're not getting hints or comments to indicate what's on his mind. So you could see what results if you make all the right moves in a setting that would have led to sex in the past. If nothing happens, then try to ask what he's thinking or feeling at that time. But don't talk about it as a problem. You don't want him feeling pressure to perform. But being engaged, you should be able to talk freely.


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