GuyvI'm seeing said he wanted to date bc he had the feeling we might marry. I told him I'm not marrying... and he's not bothered?

I've been spending a few months as friends with a guy. He recently told me he has feelings for me and wants to start dating.

He said he's thought of marriage and me. Not as in a proposal , but how he wants to marry some day and had that kind of feeling about me. Not as a definite plan, but that just in case it would work out that way between us, he didn't want to miss the opportunity of getting to know me.

Now I have no intention of marrying and I told him I'd never intended to. I didn't see the point and I see a lot of downsides like having to give up life goals. I didn't want younger in a guys way and I didn't want him to get into my way. He asked if I thought he'd get in my way, I explained it's not about him personally just in general.

Thing is he's perfectly happy dating me. He actually happily kissed me after I had said I won't marry. If he had really wanted to marry someone someday and he supposedly had those feelings about me... Wouldn't he want to stop seeing me?

Do you think he was lying about the whole marriage vibe bc he assumes all young women want to marry, and just thought it'd make him more attractive to me?

Him wanting marriage with someone, It neither made him look better or worse to me bc it's not part of my life... It's just the logic doesn't follow. If he meant what he said tgen my position should bother him-no?


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  • Why are you even talking about marriage before you even date? You must be Asian correct?